Testimonials and References

These testimonials and references come from hosts, guests, band members, vendors, unbiased industry professionals, and others who have attended and witnessed us at work in comparison to the competition. All the notes are not deviated; they are direct copy-and-paste. The spelling and grammer is exactly the way it was originally written and have not been edited or changed.

If you have been to an past event and would like to submit your feelings, either positive or negative, please let me know or send a text message (SMS) to 267-416-0852.

We want to thank each of you personally for such nice things said. We recognize that the success of each event was a combined effort of everyone. We greatly appreciate the hard work you did. Without you, there wouldn't have been the opportunity to have fun. Without you it wouldn't have been as exciting! Hosts, guests, vendors and anyone else! We appreciate everyone's kind words.

"Henry just wanted to thank u once again for the wonderful job yesterday. Every1 had a grt time."

Tina M. (Allentown, PA) A surprise 50th Anniversary Party

Mix Master Henry,

Hey man!! We had a great time...wasn't it awesome? Thanks for doing such a great job- we were very pleased...you definitely contributed to the fun. You rock man! Talk to ya when we come back.

Beauty and the Beast (aka hannah & court)

Hannah Jaramillo (Allentown, PA)

"I think you did a swell job last time! As you always do. I always look forward to events that you do cuz u always do a really good job. you have excellent taste in music, and ur lights are AWESOME. just amazing =]"

Rikki Jo M. (Slatington, PA)

"Teknikool Productions did a really great job providing the music at my graduation party. From the start I liked Henry's approach. He made choosing the songs very easy, and he did not try to sway my selection one way or another. Choosing the songs was very stress free. The day of the party, the DJ arrived at the recreation hall right on time and began set-up promptly. During the party there were some technical difficulties, but the DJ was prepared and the music kept playing. All in all it was worth every dollar spent for Teknikool Productions. I would definitely use them again for a future event."

Brandon P. (Allentown, PA) Graduate
Yay 4 Sound Crew! Thank U!
"unknown" - Inspiration Dance Company of Schubert School of Dance Arts (Dance Recital)
From The Vigil Family We had a great time thanks to your music.
"Pricilla's Graduation Party" (Pennsburg, PA)

"Henry Deacon,

Bob and I still talk about the wonderful job you did as the dj for our wedding on October 6, 2007. You were so helpful and cooperative, you made this detail of our event extremely easy! Your wilingness to meet with us to discuss our very specific music selections was an added bonus. We especially enjoyed your dance solo toward the end of the evening. everyone we know still talks about our wedding and what aGREAt party it was, and you were a big reason for it ssuccess.

thank you again for your great work and professionalism,

Mary Ann"

Mary Ann S. Facebook (Scranton, PA) Bride

"I was present at a band night at Villa Capri in Doylestown in which Henry was the DJ. Great music selection that kept everybody on the dance floor all night!Everyone there had a blast. As always Henry did a superb job in all aspects."

Ronald Z. Facebook (Milford, NJ)

"At Audrey's wedding I had a blast, if it wasn't for the good music and lively dj-ing I wouldn't of had such a memorable time! And believe me, I've been to events w/duddy dj's b4 where the music is so lame that you can't even dance. But I'd recommend you to anyone."

Miranda C. (Stroudsburg, PA) Bridesmaid

"I always appreciate the technical expertise that Henry uses. He really knows how to adjust sound levels so that whatever space he's filling with music sounds the way the artist intended! You'd be surprised how many people don't know how to properly used an equalizer. Henry definitely does."

David B. (Quakertown, PA) Groom
You did great! Love Victoria
Dance Recital Inspiration Dance Company of Schubert School of Dance Arts

"Henry is very professional with his work and knows what he is doing. He works hard to make sure that he gives the consumer what they want, so that it's an event that no one will forget. He is the guy to go to if you want your event to be started off with a bang and end with a bang! ;)"

Elisabeth R. (Kunkletown, PA)

"Hey Henry!

I think I've been to 3 events that you did, my sis wedding, Brandon Payne's grad party, and Hootenanny's show. I thought you did awesome with all 3, your song choices were great, definitely added to the fun of all 3 events and you kept it very lively. Two thumbs up from me :-) Keep up the good work,


Jackie H. (Palmerton, PA) Bridesmaid
Dear Henry, Wats up man, Well we miss you. We definately remember you. Hopefully you come back soon. We just need to see some cool dance moves. Thanks for dancing at my party. It truly was a night to remember. Especially when you were there. Your friend, Brianna
Brianna B. (Stroudsburg, PA)

"Henry is a fun & energetic DJ, he easy to work with and very professional. He has a great, versatile selection of music so there's always something for everyone to enjoy."

Sylvia C. (Quakertown, PA)

"despite the short notice or...short engagement you did amazing in planning and setup. You were really thorough with finding out what we would like, our preferances and needs. All that on top of your injury and it still turned out great. It was a daze of a day for us but you helped make it super special for us and everyone there. Thanks so much.

Bill & Sarah"

Sarah H. Facebook (Palmerton, PA) Bride

"I worked for you man, haha, so my opinion is going to be biased because all me and you ever did was have fun while working."

"Well, I wouldn't really call it work, because even though a lot of people enjoy their jobs, it was never really work with you as it was more just fun. I can't really describe something that is as unique of an experience as working with you."

Shane C. (Pennsburg, PA) Sound Crew [teknikool productions]
Thanks Henry Par-ta was sweet, off-the-chain and poppin' Misty, Thomas, Matt, Zach
Misty, Thomas, Matt, Zach (Quakertown, PA)

"Hey I think it went really well and you definitely have some of the best lighting equipment in the area for events it gave the show an authentic feel."

Abigail B. (Green Lane, PA)
Thank you love Nicole
"Nicole" - Inspiration Dance Company of Schubert School of Dance Arts (Dance Recital)

"Hey Henry! I know that I have been to a few events where you were the dj and I have only good memories. I think you have always done a really great job picking out music that gets everybody on the dance floor including myself! LOL! I also remember you always dancing as you were working and I could tell you really love what your doing and that also effects the mood of the event for the better too! Honestly I could say that I would keep you in mind if I ever needed a dj for an event and that I would refer you to someone."

Tara V. Follow on Twitter (Tannersville, PA)

"It was a night to remember. The setup was amazing! The lighting was incredible. U really knew what u were doing and that is what a pro does! The music was great"

Courtney B. (Ridgeley, WV)

"Thanx for DJing man! That was awesome!"

"every event that I've been to that you DJ'd was pretty cool. Kept everyone entertained, and played some really good music."

Dan Ruhf Facebook (Saucon Valley, PA)
Production Credits Sound teknikool productions
Production Credits Schubert School of Dance Arts (Dance Recital)

"hey! i thought u did really good, every song played was something that i really enjoyed dancing to and i liked how u came on the floor and danced w/ everyone!


Crissy T. (Culpeper, VA)

"henry does a great job and he's great to work with. he's really personable, respectful and really seems to bring a smile to peoples faces. i would love to work with him again in the future."

Bianca Danella Photographer, Save The Moment Photography

"I met Henry last year at set up for a wedding, he is the type of person you meet and feel you’ve known for a long time. He is very approachable, easy to talk to, and great to work with. As a vendor, it is extremely important to have confidence in whom I refer to my Brides and I know that I will get A+ feedback with teknikool. I have full confidence in Teknikool’s ability to deliver the best of the best! I look forward to working with Teknikool into the future as well."

Charlotte Giacono (Belvidere, NJ) Event Decorator, Elegance Remembered

"I have been to several events in the past where Henry spinned sound. I have to say that in most, if not all situations, he had injected the energy to get the party goin. His enthusiasm was infectious to all, and everyone from 9 to 90 was having a great time.


Sue Chipollini (Skippack, PA)

"Hey henry. Wow you did great. You seriously are the best DJ ever... And I'm not just saying that. Sarah's wedding was definitely the best wedding reception I have ever been in, and most of that was because you were the DJ. Everything was perfect. And the lights we SO cool. And when there was smoke it was so amazing. I really don't think that anyone could be a better DJ. You did great Henry... And if it wasn't for you, the reception wouldn't have been the same. Thank you Henry:D


Shannon (Schwenksville, PA)