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Rachel Toner


So I guess I should start this off right huh.. Well I'll tell you a lil about meeee.

In the year 2007 I got married to an awesomely handsome man. That year I came upon,from a friends suggestion,a photography blog called Trash the Dress. Looking at the images posted,I had become overwhelmed with the artistic expression that the photographers would convey through their images. My fascination led me to trashing my own wedding dress on the beaches of AC,NJ twice and once in Bushkill Falls. One of the images you scan see above compliments of Mark Gardner. After that experience and meeting some amazing photographers, I began to follow my favorite photogs on their blogs almost every day. Always admiring the images, never taking them.

Then in September 2009 a friend,desperate of a photographer, requested I take some engagements shots for him and then some of his wedding. Reluctantly, I borrowed a friends point&shoot and went to town. Surprisingly, I found I actually had captured some awesome images!More importantly, I wasn't the only one who liked them! It still comes as a suprise to me to look at my images and realize they are mine.The model becoming the photographer. Never thought that was in me! As the model, I always thought I had the hard job..freezing in the cold water with a wet dress on, posing with one leg in the air. I take it back! You may be able to have more clothes on but the job isn't any easier! I don't know where this will take me but I'm hoping far!